Do Window Cleaners Dry Windows?

Should Window Cleaners Dry Windows?

'Are you not going to dry them?'

This is one of the most common questions asked when a customer first has their windows cleaned using the Water Fed Pole (WFP) method. Of course the results usually speak for themselves and the customer can be reassured that should they leave their windows to dry naturally they will be more than happy.

However this post is just going to explain the basics of why users of the water fed pole, as we are at Armitage Cleaning Services, can be confident in their work and answer the question, Should Window Cleaners Dry Windows?

Apply and Remove!

First let's talk through the theory of traditional window cleaning, the tools of which are;

  • a Squeegee
  • an Applicator
  • Scrims or Cloths
  • Ladders for access

The applicator is used to soap up the windows, this agitates and lifts any dirt on those surfaces but doesn't remove it. It is the squeegee that is used to move the dirty water from the glass, the soap additive is simply there to provide lubrication for the rubber on the squeegee (try it yourself, put just water on a window and see how much harder it it to move the squeegee smoothly around the glass). The scrims or cloths are then used to buff up any missed bits/edges/corners and the frames.

What No Soap?

Now let's talk about WFP. What are the main tools used here?

  • Lightweight Extendable Pole with Hose and specifically designed Brush head
  • Pure Water Holding Tank with Pump
  • Pure Water - This is water at 0.00 Total Dissolved Solids

If we go down the same process as with Traditional window cleaning, the Brush head is used to agitate and lift any dirt that is on the glass or frames. The brush fibres are designed in such a way so as to maximise contact with all surfaces and can often get into nooks and crannies that a cloth can't. This initial scrub is done while the head is fed with pure water, this is because the water does a great job of breaking down any build up of dirt or bird droppings.

Once the scrub is done the whole window, glass and frame, is rinsed with pure water. This flushes out any remaining dirt from hard to reach areas, such as vents and seals, and drives off any dirty water on the glass. This means there is less chance of any dirt being pulled down on to the glass and leaving run marks and keeps them cleaner for longer. The purity of the water used is key! Using tap water (typically 100.00+ TDS!) will leave heavy deposits on the window and, when dry, will have white droplets and run marks.

Here at RMA Cleaning Services we make sure we use only the purest water (0.00 TDS) which is made by ourselves and tested before each working day. We also provide a thorough service, this leaves the best results for you and peace of mind for us! Thanks for considering this post and we look forward to hearing from you!


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