What Happens If Gutters Are Not Cleaned?

What Happens If Gutters Are Not Cleaned?

Do your gutters have almost as much greenery as your garden? Do you have run marks down your house exterior when it rains? Should this be something that worries you?

Well basically yes, it should be. The gutters on our properties are there for a reason. To direct rain water, of which we have plenty here in the UK, away from the building and stop any entering the eaves/roof.

Unfortunately it isn't only water the ends up entering the gutters, there is often bird muck, leaves, moss and silt from the tiles that gets washed or blown in there. This makes a perfect compost for any seeds that end up in there too and, hey presto, you have a mini hanging gardens of Babylon growing on the sides of your house.

This then holds up the water flow along and down the gutter which then overflows. At this point the water can begin getting under the tiles and entering the roof space of your property and cause water damage to the joists, brickwork and plaster. All of which, if left unchecked, become expensive issues to resolve.

Is there a simple solution to the this? Yes!

Here at RMA Cleaning Services we have plenty of experience clearing out gutter systems and getting the runoff water moving again.

We utilise a long reach gutter clearing system that we operate from the ground, this makes things much safer for us and less worry for you. Using a remote camera attached the clearing nozzle we can ensure we get all the debris removed from rooted weeds to the final dregs. We even have the power to make sure there is plenty of flow in your downpipes and make sure there isn't any hidden blockages. In some extreme cases there is a need for dismantling the downpipe which we do from a ladder.

For all your gutter clearing requirements just give us a call or fill out the quote request form on the website.

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